Chain of Command

Dr. Will Penner, Principal, Lester MS

Dr. Will Penner

Unit 35015
Camp Lester
FPO, AP 96373-5015
United States

Ms. Paloma Bemis, Lester MS Assistant Principal

Ms. Paloma Bemis

Unit 35015
Camp Lester
FPO, AP 96373-5015
United States


School Contacts

Name Position Phone
Attendance Attendance
Mrs. Cominski School Counselor 7th & 8th 645-1431
Information Specialist (Librarian) Information Specialist DSN: 645-7769
Parent Teacher Organization PTO
Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer DSN 645-3799
Registrar Registrar DSN: 645-7787
Mr. Robinson School Counselor 6th & 7th 645-7768
School Advisory Council School Advisory Council
School Nurse/Health Aide School Nurse/Health Aide 098-970-7765
School Psychologist School Psychologist DSN: 645-0504
School Webmaster School Webmaster DSN: 645-7787/2124
Secretary Secretary DSN: 645-7787
SIS Gradebook Admin Educational Technologist

School Hours

Tuesdays are Early Release days

Students arrive: 0705 (1st bell 0715)

Grade Regular Hours Tuesday Hours
Office Hours 0700 - 1515 0700 - 1515
Instructional Day 0720 - 1400 0720 - 1250


Classroom Teacher


or 098-970-7787 (From cell)
Team Leader


or 098-970-7787 (From cell)
Assistant Principal


or 098-970-7787 (From cell)

Dr. Will Penner, Principal 
645-7787 or 098-970-7787 (From cell)

District Superintendent’s Office 
634-1204 or 098-961-1204 (From cell)

We ask that you follow the chain of command when possible. Meet with the classroom teacher or set up a phone conference. During the conference:

1. Specify the concern/problem

2. Create a plan

3. Create a timeline.

See Home and School Communication Partnership for more details.

*Parent/Teacher Conferences: contact the office.

DoDEA encourages all communication take place through official school email accounts.

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